Research Supervisor / Guide / Examiner:

As a Recognized Guide/ Supervisor for Universities/ Institutes, Prof. Sharma has supervised/ guided/ examined several students for their Post-doctoral Research, Ph.D., M.Phil., and Master’s thesis and self-study and term papers for post graduate and under graduate students as listed below.

  • Post Doctoral:
    1. Post-Doc (2007): Dr. Jinu Kurian, Ph.D. NITIE, Mumbai, (Environmental Science), worked as Research Associate under my guidance.
    2. Post-Doc (2005): Dr. Amarnath Giri, Ph.D. Lucknow University, (Environmental Science), Research Assistant under my guidance.
    3. Post-Doc (2003): Dr. J. Socretes, , Ph.D. , Anna University, Chennai. (Environmental Economics), Research Associate under my guidance.
  • Doctoral (Ph.D.):
    1. Ph.D. (2017): Ms. Surabhi Joshi, Green Growth and Development: Evaluating Economic, Social and Environmental Impacts of Solar Energy Transitions in India, submitted to Indian Institute of Technology Indore, Indore, 2017.
    2. Ph.D. (2017): Ramesh Chandra Sharma, Energy Sector and its Implications on State Finances: A Study of Jammu and Kashmir, submitted to University of Jammu, 2017.
    3. Ph.D. (2016): Ms. Punam Singh, Measuring Project level Sustainability: AStudy of Cooking fuels and Biogas systems in India" submitted to Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, 2016.
    4. Ph.D. (2011): Ms. Mary Rose Vimochana, Examiner for Ph.D. Thesis, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai, July, 21, 2011.
    5. Ph.D. (2010): Shrinivas Kota, Examiner for Ph.D. Thesis, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, August 01, 2010.
    6. Ph.D. (2010): Ms. Ayako Sato, Ph.D. Internship Scholar at IGIDR, Tohoku University, Japan, Carbon Emission Trading for various countries, March, 2010.
    7. Ph.D. (2005), IGIDR, Mumbai: S. Ghatak: Environment and Infrastructure issues.
    8. Ph.D. (2004), IGIDR, Mumbai: Barnali Nag: Structural and Efficiency Indicators of Carbon Emission from Commercial Energy Use: A Sectoral Study for India (IGIDR).
    9. Ph.D. (2000), IGIDR, Mumbai: G.S. Haripriya: Environmental Accounting, Carbon Sequestration Potential and Policies For Carbon Mitigation in India (IGIDR).
  • M.Tech/ M.Phil:
    1. M.Tech (2012), Examiner for Deepak A. Kulkarni, IITB: Alteration in Metal Leaching Characteristics from Coal Fly Ash during Dynamic Aging.
    2. M.Tech (2012), Examiner for Kandarp K. Shivpuri, IITB: Changes in Metal Leaching From Coal Fly Ash during Wet Storage and Reuse.
    3. M.Phil (2002), Examiner for Rachna, IITB.
    4. M. Phil (2005), IGIDR, Mumbai: S. Ghatak: A Gate to Grave Life Cycle Assessments of Treatment of Municipal Solid Waste.
    5. M. Phil (2004), IGIDR, Mumbai: D. N. Dwivedy: Prediction of Global Warming Impacts on Coastal Areas of India.
    6. M. Phil (2001), IGIDR, Mumbai: Anand Pandey: An Approach for Life Cycle Assessment of Cement Production in India.
    7. M.A.(2008), University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, Kshipra Jain, on SEZs in India.
    8. M.Sc.(2006), IGIDR, Mumbai: Mohit Sharma: STATE OF WEEE: Global and Indian Scenario.
    9. M.Sc.(2006), IGIDR, Mumbai: Vishal Anand: Source Identification and Source Apportionment of Environmental Pollution.
    10. M.Sc.(2006), IGIDR, Mumbai: Imran Ahmad: Ecolabelling as An Environmental Policy Measure
    11. M.Sc.(2005), TERI, New Delhi: Sreeja Nair: Impact of Sea Level Rise on Mangroves in India.
    12. B.Tech.(2003), IIT Madras, Chennai: Amrapali Kata: Environmental Issues in Maharashra
    13. M.Sc.(2003), University of Cochin: Saliha E.M: LCA of Coir Processing in Kerala, India
    14. M.Sc.(1999), University of Birmingham, UK:Katherine Wilson: Monitoring of Ambient and Indoor Levels of Nitrogen Oxide in Mumbai.
    15. M.Sc.(1999), SNDT Women University, Mumbai: Ritu Babel: Ecofriendly Packaging and Consumer Buying Behaviour: A Case Study of Mumbai.
    16. M.Sc.(1999), SNDT Women University, Mumbai: Mridula Deori: Environmental and Social Impact of Hand Made Paper in Mumbai.
    17. M.Sc.(1999), SNDT Women University, Mumbai: Shaikh Shama Parveen: Hospital Waste Management: A Case Study of Mumbai.
    18. M.Sc.(1999), SNDT Women University, Mumbai: Shilpa Sharma: A Study of Travelling Patterns and the Environmental Stress in Mumbai.
    19. M.Sc.(1999), SNDT Women University, Mumbai: Suri Simer: Life Cycle Analysis of Waste Paper: A Case Study of Mumbai.
    20. M.Sc.(1999), SNDT Women University, Mumbai: Poonam Makhija: Environment and Socio-Economic Problems of Some Coastal areas in Mumbai.
    21. M.Sc.(1999), University of Jabalpur: Amitabh Sharma: Low Cost Methods for improving the Water Quality of selected resources at Jabalpur).
    22. Invited as Examiner for M.E. and B.E. (Environmental Engg. and Civil Engg.) final Examinations, JNV University, Jodhpur-342001, Rajasthan, 1995.

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